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Unsouled has sophisticated control-based combat system. It is necessary to be survive but it need hard practice.

Every each skill has different chain timing. When input skill command during Yellow chain time the skill start without former skill delay. This is to let player uses combo moves.

Player can design his own combo moves. It gives huge damage but stamina can face to zero.

Just before get hits, press attack button. This is counter attack which gives huge damage to enemy. Also, it is counter-chainable on certain timing. (see the right gif) A projectile is counterable as well. When it successes the projectile is incapacitated and player can chain another counter to kill the projectile shooter.

Just guard

Using perfect timing guard player can start counter more safe way. After success player can counter by pressing attack button. But it is not counter-chainable only one time counter. Rather a player do counter starting combo action during enemies stun time would be one of good choice.

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