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  • ​Basic of game screen

HP - can recharge by absorbing souls.

stamina - Attack and dash need stamina.  When it is all used up player will be stunned for short time.  It recharges if player walks or stand. Absorbing souls gets faster recovery.

Soul guage - Absorbing souls, attack or guard charge it. when it is full up it creates one soul orb. 

Soul orb - Some special skill need more than one soul orbs to use.


Ghost orb - For emergency escape and charge stamina immediately.

Red souls - For upgrading skills or stats 

  • Attack

Player can use skills with com​bination of attack button and command.

  • Guard

Guard enemies' attack and projectiles. A direction is very important and it consumes stamina. If stamina is zero the guard will be broken.

  • Absorb
  • Dash

Absorbing souls. While absorbing stamina recharge faster but enemies will be aggressive.

Each souls has different function on their color.

There are also abosrbing command skills.

8-way fast move skill. It use stamina as well and it's chianable.

  • Soul focus


Break huge object by releasing accumulated souls. Beside It is the key for game progress. 

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