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Every skill has their own attributes. Using proper attributed skill make a combat easier or avoid from dangerous situation. 

Needed Soul orb 

To use skills sometimes it needs soul orbs. Some skill requires 2-3 orbs.

Wall hit
Sword reflect

​This attribute causes wall hit to pushed enemies. The enemies get short time stun and a little damage.

This ​attribute skill make player stun when skill hit a wall. Should be careful if wall is near.

Object breaker
Stamina recovery

This skill can break big object. Fallen object can damage enemy or player.

This skill recover some amount of stamina. But if the skill does not hit stamina will not be recharge.

Gaurd breaker
Guard Crash

Break enemies guard and stun him.

It can not be guarded.

**Enemies' skill also has these attributes. Knowing enemies skill's specialties help your action.

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